The Molly Malone Chottepanda (MMC) Foundation Scholarship Application 2018

The MMC Foundation is committed to serving the Greater Southwest community by establishing a $5,000 scholarship to be awarded to three separate Southwest female seniors pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Please read the following information carefully.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Applicant must be a female high school senior at Minneapolis Southwest High School;
Interested in pursuing a degree in Science Technology Engineering or Math (STEM); and
Will be enrolling at an accredited institution of higher learning in the Fall of 2018.

Application Requirements

●Fully Complete Online Application

●Submit a High School Transcript

●Provide a Teacher/Counselor Recommendation

Scholarship Details

The scholarship is a one-time award of $5,000. Recipients will receive an award letter to confirm acceptance.
Once enrolled at a College/University, please forward copy of acceptance letter to MMCF.
Other restrictions and deadlines may apply as stipulated by scholarship.


Application deadline April 24, 2018

Scholarships will be awarded and presented to the students at Southwest High School Awards Night, May 2018

Questions? Contact us if you have problems or questions regarding the application, email