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Contains a sample of Holiday in Spain by Counting Crows of (C) 2002 Geffen Records

Donation made in Molly's Memory for a Tennis Wheelchair to KSLTA by the Chottepanda Family.

The Molly Malone Chottepanda Foundation First Twins Game 2015

September 22 at 7:10pm Target Field for Twins vs Indians


Donated by Med Chottepanda, in Memory of Molly Malone Chottepanda @ KSLTA Bangalore

Posted by Shobha Naniappa on Saturday, January 10, 2015

First pitch for Molly Malone Chottepanda at the Twins game tonight in honor of her birthday. I recorded the Jumbotron but had lots of yelling around me (as you can imagine!) so hard to hear the tribute & I moved a bit but still very cool. I believe Nisha Chottepanda Floyd may have the real thing that she will share. #firstpitchformolly

Posted by Stephanie Trembley Malone on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Featured in the Southwest Jounal

​May 2015

300+ Friends walked with us on May 29th, 2015 & May 20, 2016


The scholarship recipients for 2016:​
(From left to right) 
​Tess Dutton, Boston University 
majoring in Neuroscience

Hailey Dyman,Georgetown University 
majoring in Epidemiology and Public Health.

Kamala Michaela Varma, Vanderbilt University
majoring in Math

The scholarship recipients for 2017:
From left to right)
Claire Pince, University of Pennsylvania 
majoring in Biomedical Science

Julieanne Pekala,  University of Minnesota, 
majoring in Nursing

Olivia Foster,
Quinn Morris, University of Minnesota,
majoring in Nursing.



Elsa Youngdahl


Chloe Bouma

Georgia Rinkleff-Duma

Lilia Smyth
Ruby Bolton

Erin Browne
Lola Brokering

Isidora Mack
Maddie Hannan
Oliva Youngdahl

Maya Larson
Samira Ahmed
Sankhya Chintakrinda

Claire Pince
Julieanne Pekala
Olivia Foster
Quinn Morris

Haley Byman
Kamala Varma
Tess Dutton






​​ The Molly Malone Chottepanda Foundation ​selects graduating High School students from Southwest High School who had a desired interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Majors.